Our pets who have passed away and the ones who are still with us are surely our constant companies for life. People will remember and dignify by these beautiful pet photo charms

What Are Pet Photo Charm 

pet pandora charms

The affection and adoration that our pets share with us is something that should be lionized. These are pet picture charms, which let pet owners choose a favorite photo of their pet in action. A picture of them with their pet or any moment in between. 

Engrave hearts Charm 

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People can engrave image onto magnificent and pleasing charm to create intimate and lasting memory. The pendants are not only available in an assortment of different shapes ranging from hearts to rectangles to dog tag styles but the plating options are varied as well. Choose from silver plated circles to gold rhodium puzzle pieces and have them capture a memory of your pet that you treasure. 

If you are choosing a pet photo pendant as a gift 

Think about their lifestyle. Are they active or lazy? Spend a lot of time in busy in meetings and conferences. There are a multiple options available from pet photo pendants that hang from the mirror in their cars and key chains to pendants that could be worn on a chain. Decide what genre can best be easily unified into their day to day life. So you are magnifying the sentimental profit of the ornament also considering their age. 

Custom photo charm pendants 

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Pet photo jewelry is a great offering idea for everyone from school going age up to the elderly. For those that are younger, they can attach custom charm pendants to backpack zippers or key chains as a way that can attached to their bicycle keys.  

Custom pendants or key chains 

Custom dog charm pendants or key chains can fit into a purse or the pocket of jeans is for adults who are busy often in their workforce. The charms makes a beautiful layered accessory which easily mixes with your surrounding or environment. For the elderly, think about choosing a longer and chunky chain. This allows for the pendant charm to be easily slipped over the head rather than deal with a clench. 

Styles an variety Of charms 

There are various styles and colors of pet picture charms that have a broader appeal depending on the gender of the recipient. Men have a penchant to prefer standard shapes such as rectangles and square shapes and many prefer the silver plated. Women may lean more towards the heart shaped or those that have been decorated with jewels and gems. The charms provide a little more sparkle and liveliness and the charms are available with both a silver plated finish and a gold plated finish. 

Best way to remembering a family pet 

Whether you are remembering a family pet that has passed away or celebrating the life of an animal whose tail is still a wagging. Custom pet photo charms gives you a unique and exclusive opportunity to engrave that moment onto a stunning jewelry charms. It can display the photo whenever and however you choose. 


Useful Tips of Personalized Photo Charms for Pandora