How can you make custom photo Pandora charms bracelet?

So you want to attend a party in office or college and you want to look stylish and quite impressive. Then why don’t you add custom photo charms to our attire when dressing up. For the beginners making the custom photo charms is the easy project. And here in this short post, you will see how to make the custom photo Pandora charms bracelet. Finally, you will have all that you want to look much fashionable. So stay here and read out this small guide. 

what materials you need-

  • Charm bracelet 
  • charms 
  • clear tape 
  • 2 jewelry pliers 
  • glamour stickers 
  • printed photos 
  • ½” circle paper punch 
  • jump rings 

At first, you need to crop and size the photo that you want and print it out. You can use any print and on any paper. Now you have to use clear tape and cover the image and trim the excess. Just trim it to size. However, for the circle shape, you can use ½” circle paper punch. From the glamour sticker, Peel out the backing stickers and press to the photo’s back. So, the next step is to attach the jump rings with the help if craft pliers. 

If you want any help to make the most durable custom photo charms for Pandora, you can watch the available tutorials. Of course, you will get the best custom made photo charm for you. However, even you can make it for your best friend, wife, and sister to make them feel happier and special on any best day. 

The process is not ending here, there is more that you need to know. So stay here. 

Attaching jump rings-

Furthermore, Begin up by taking a set of pliers. Grasp the jump ring on a side of the ring beneath the opening. The opening must be at the peak, the spacing between the pliers uniformly. 

Moreover, for opening up the jump ring, softly hold one end and rotate the other end. Don’t pull the ends away. Instead rotate from you to you. Rotate from the other end to slip the charm and bracelet to the gap. In addition to this, it adds the charm and holds the jump ring with pliers and adds the charm. Thus, slip the bangle, earring ball to the jump ring and together turn around the ends. 

So you how simple it is to make custom photo charms for Pandora. However, don’t wait and just gather all the material you need and start making it.

Make it at home

The materials are easily accessible- Instead of waiting for days to get your product at your doorstep, you can collect the material and make it within an hour’s. In fact most of the material you will find somewhere in your home. On the other hand, only you need is to get the photo print out if don’t have a printer. 

Affordable- Obviously the seller would charge extra money inclusive of delivery charges. However, making it at home will save loads of money. 

So, Get ready now with your custom photo charms for Pandora and shock all into the party. 


Photo charms DIY short guide for you