Doing your best will undoubtedly bring miracles to your confidence. However, you always seem to worry that you will pair accessories and clothes in the wrong way? This is because, in fashion, we as women are fed by strict and fast rules. The style that used to be just a style and rarely worked overtime gradually became the mainstream and became a rule of thumb. However, if you think about it carefully, fashion has always been bold, unique, and experimental. Rules should be broken; myths should be avoided. These are the five fashion accessory myths that must be broken.

1. You can’t mix gold and silver jewelry

5 FASHION ACCESSORIZINGWe have things that keep things compatible. However, fashion is endless, and there is nowhere to say that all your jewelry must be silver or gold. Faced with this myth, combine gold and silver. If paired correctly, they can really make you stand out from the crowd.

2. You have to match your jewelry

5 FASHION ACCESSORIZINGIt is possible to wear matching accessories, but it may be a bit boring. You can mix and match and play around while accessorizing to bring out your quirky fun side. From socks to lipsticks, everyone everywhere chooses to quit boring similar games, and then why not try jewelry! You can wear a silver chain with your favorite beads, because you can!

3. Size (does not) matter

Hundreds of fashion magazines require you to wear clothes according to your figure, but these articles are not only not suitable for reading, but also bring you a sense of comfort. The same is true of accessories – they will tell you that if you are petite, you can’t wear thick jewelry, or if your face is small, you can’t pull on that draped jewelry. We say this is the age of revolution; we must get rid of all myths and tear it off the foundation!

4. Less is more no more

Less is more – we’ve been served this phrase so many times; it has really become a monastic rule for all the girls. But you know what, sometimes it’s okay to go over, to wear those big necklaces complementing your dress in that garden party or to wear chunky bracelets. IT IS OKAY TO GO MORE!

5. Traditional = traditional and modern=modern

5 FASHION ACCESSORIZINGHave you ever been really scared and skeptical about pairing those traditional pieces of drops with that LBD of yours? If yes, then sadly, you’ve been taken over by this myth that modern pieces can only go with modern and traditional with traditional. Just think how many heads you’ll turn when you wear jhumkis and your flowy maxi dress with that confidence and oomph Fusionizeit and reinvent your look girls!

So, these are five fashion accessory myths we need to battle away with, and the best way to do that is by wearing an armor of confidence. Which myth will you debunk today?

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