7 Of Our Favorite Engagement Ring Upgrades

An engagement ring may be one of your most precious items because it has many sensual emotions and memories. It is a symbol of your dedication and commitment to marriage and other important things. But sometimes, after wearing the same ring for many years, you may start to consider resetting your original engagement ring to something new.

The possibilities for upgrading your engagement ring are endless, and in many cases, this is a way for you to choose the ring setting or style of your dreams finally. You can re-set an ordinary solitaire diamond ring with a little sparkle, change the center stone is the shape, or even replace the original ring with a brand new ring!

These are our seven favorite ways to reset an engagement ring. Indeed everyone has a reset style.

Add Some Glamour to Your Ring

Engagement Ring Upgrades

Resetting the ring is an excellent opportunity to get the charming, sparkling ring you’ve always wanted. Many times, when a couple gets engaged for the first time, they cannot afford a large diamond or a setting with many diamonds. As your relationship continues to develop and you have achieved greater success in life, you may finally be able to afford it From the halo of dreams. This new ring can represent your journey as a couple and celebrate your success. Resetting to a halo or denser diamond ring will give your ring a unique “wow” factor!

Add Some Sparkle to Your Plain Band

If you like solitaire rings and still want a clean and classic look, but with a little sparkle, you can consider changing the current setting to one set with diamonds. Pavé diamonds have the appearance of being “paved” together, so you can hardly see the metal. It is an easy way to get the desired new look while still focusing on the central diamond.

Add A Pop Of Color

Engagement Ring Upgrades

Are you looking for a more personal & unique way to reset your ring? Adding colored stones may be the best choice. Colored gemstones can be used to represent special milestones or the birth of children. Maybe you like a specific color and want to show it off next to the center diamond. Either way, this is the ideal way to reset the ring and show off your style and story.

Add a Vintage Touch

If you appreciate the past is unique details, you should consider using a vintage style ring for resetting. Choosing a retro-style setting is a great way to get a fresh look while still selecting a style that will stand the test of time. Sylvie is one of our favorite vintage engagement ring designers. Her style perfectly blends modern retro and details to ensure that your ring is unique.

Add Side Stones

It is an excellent choice for people who want a more significant appearance. You can keep the original center stone and add any number of side stones. The best part is that you can choose your favorite style to complement your main stone. From small to large stones, or even stones with entirely different shapes, this is an excellent way to get more brilliance and make the center stone more popular than before. You will shine from any angle!

Exchange your ring for a diamond ring

Engagement Ring Upgrades

Over time, the taste changes are entirely reasonable. Maybe your engagement ring no longer suits your style. For women who want to be completely different and novel, the right choice is to replace the original engagement ring with a diamond ring. A diamond ring is a stylish, classic way to express your promise. Rings set with diamonds will suit your various styles, and there are unlimited setting styles, stone shapes, and stone sizes to choose from. You can even decide to stack some different rings if this is more suitable for your style!

Switch to a New Center Stone Shape

When you get an engagement ring for the first time, you love your round or princess cut diamonds. As the years go by, what you dream of is a unique center stone shape, such as an emerald or Asscher cut diamond. Resetting the ring is an excellent opportunity to replace an existing diamond with the shape you want.

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