How To Fly With An Engagement Ring

An Engagement RingAre you planning to travel with your girlfriend? Proposing a marriage abroad is exciting, fun, and completely unexpected. However, since airport security has been at unprecedented heights now, you will need to plan to avoid spoiling accidents.

In most cases, when you pass the airport security check, the system will ask you to clear your pockets. Therefore, it is not the best idea to temporarily hide the ring there. Tucking the ring into your schoolbag will not trigger any alarm, but there is always a chance to search your schoolbag. Click to learn about Jewelry trends

Here, you can take some precautions to keep the engagement ring flying undetected:

1. Put the ring in a box or a safe suitcase

An Engagement RingThe first thing you need to do is ensure that the ring is safe and secure. Usually, the box that the ring comes in is helpful for this. These boxes Often have padding or cushioning that can hold the ring firmly in place, even if there are some bumps on the ring. If you are not sure if the ring box came in or want something more discreet, make sure it is made of soft material. You can also find many thin ring boxes online to make them more cautious and quickly hide the ring in the suitcase.

You will want to avoid packaging boxes such as plastic wrap or paper. If checked luggage, you may be asked to open the package to reveal its contents.

2. To prevent your luggage from being searched, please add a subtle note on the box

Although we have to let the airport security department do their job, there is no harm in attaching a note paper asking if they need to search for your luggage. If you are unfortunately unable to choose to explore, annotations can sometimes prevent accidental destruction.

We recommend that you put words like “engagement ring-please be cautious” on the strip of paper with a rubber band or tape. They should successfully tip the police officers so they can avoid or become more private.

3. Put the box in clothes or something she will not open

It is especially important to share a bag, or your girlfriend tends to pack it for you. Try putting the ring box in clothing (such as socks or gloves) for added protection and safety. It will help you keep secrets and hope to eliminate any suspicious points. Even if she sees the items in your bag, she may not think twice if it looks like an ordinary dress.

4. Fill up with luggage and make sure that no items will cause luggage search

An Engagement RingThe first way to avoid bag searching? Triple check, nothing in your luggage will be prompted. Means ensuring the correct size of toiletries, the laptop is used up, there are no sharp objects that are considered unsafe, and most importantly-do not drink water! If you have a water bottle, make sure to empty it or throw it away (if it is a plastic bottle). Avoid anything that may cause airport security concerns.

5. If your bag does get searched, please try to distract her or ask her to leave

Sometimes, you may be selected for a random search. It happened. Even if you add more layers of protection and freely selectable annotations, you still risk breaking the accident. You may ask her to leave or distract her in some way. You must act quickly! Maybe you can keep her away from the search range, or let her go ahead and grab you a magazine. If this happens, don’t lose hope, try to divert your attention elsewhere when the search occurs.

Favorite Engagement Ring Upgrades

7 Of Our Favorite Engagement Ring Upgrades

An engagement ring may be one of your most precious items because it has many sensual emotions and memories. It is a symbol of your dedication and commitment to marriage and other important things. But sometimes, after wearing the same ring for many years, you may start to consider resetting your original engagement ring to something new.

The possibilities for upgrading your engagement ring are endless, and in many cases, this is a way for you to choose the ring setting or style of your dreams finally. You can re-set an ordinary solitaire diamond ring with a little sparkle, change the center stone is the shape, or even replace the original ring with a brand new ring!

These are our seven favorite ways to reset an engagement ring. Indeed everyone has a reset style.

Add Some Glamour to Your Ring

Engagement Ring Upgrades

Resetting the ring is an excellent opportunity to get the charming, sparkling ring you’ve always wanted. Many times, when a couple gets engaged for the first time, they cannot afford a large diamond or a setting with many diamonds. As your relationship continues to develop and you have achieved greater success in life, you may finally be able to afford it From the halo of dreams. This new ring can represent your journey as a couple and celebrate your success. Resetting to a halo or denser diamond ring will give your ring a unique “wow” factor!

Add Some Sparkle to Your Plain Band

If you like solitaire rings and still want a clean and classic look, but with a little sparkle, you can consider changing the current setting to one set with diamonds. Pavé diamonds have the appearance of being “paved” together, so you can hardly see the metal. It is an easy way to get the desired new look while still focusing on the central diamond.

Add A Pop Of Color

Engagement Ring Upgrades

Are you looking for a more personal & unique way to reset your ring? Adding colored stones may be the best choice. Colored gemstones can be used to represent special milestones or the birth of children. Maybe you like a specific color and want to show it off next to the center diamond. Either way, this is the ideal way to reset the ring and show off your style and story.

Add a Vintage Touch

If you appreciate the past is unique details, you should consider using a vintage style ring for resetting. Choosing a retro-style setting is a great way to get a fresh look while still selecting a style that will stand the test of time. Sylvie is one of our favorite vintage engagement ring designers. Her style perfectly blends modern retro and details to ensure that your ring is unique.

Add Side Stones

It is an excellent choice for people who want a more significant appearance. You can keep the original center stone and add any number of side stones. The best part is that you can choose your favorite style to complement your main stone. From small to large stones, or even stones with entirely different shapes, this is an excellent way to get more brilliance and make the center stone more popular than before. You will shine from any angle!

Exchange your ring for a diamond ring

Engagement Ring Upgrades

Over time, the taste changes are entirely reasonable. Maybe your engagement ring no longer suits your style. For women who want to be completely different and novel, the right choice is to replace the original engagement ring with a diamond ring. A diamond ring is a stylish, classic way to express your promise. Rings set with diamonds will suit your various styles, and there are unlimited setting styles, stone shapes, and stone sizes to choose from. You can even decide to stack some different rings if this is more suitable for your style!

Switch to a New Center Stone Shape

When you get an engagement ring for the first time, you love your round or princess cut diamonds. As the years go by, what you dream of is a unique center stone shape, such as an emerald or Asscher cut diamond. Resetting the ring is an excellent opportunity to replace an existing diamond with the shape you want.

Carat Weight Vs. Total Carat Weight

Olympic Athletes And Their Watche

Carat Weight Vs. Total Carat Weight 

Diamond Carat WeightMany elements cross into the appraisal of a diamond ring. With the infinite designs that pervade the marketplace, it turns into necessary to evaluate each ring individually. Some have complicated filigree or a vintage placing that could make grading a complicated method. Others are encrusted in diamonds, which are each a fraction of a carat, and others still can be quite simple. However, hold stones of mind-blowing proportions. 

When seeking to determine an appropriate fee for a diamond ring, whether or not to shop for or sell, one must first understand that the diamonds are what constitute most of any ring’s value. These are available in varied sizes, shapes and shades, and a ring would possibly have everywhere from one to fifty stones. 

A Ring With A Single Big Diamond VS. One That Has Many Stones 

Diamond Carat WeightPlaced, a ring with a big center stone is appreciably greater precious than a hoop with many small diamonds. Large rings grade diamonds are greater rare and are consequently extra treasured. A solitaire ring with a total carat weight of 1.5 cts is greater treasured than a ring manufactured from many small diamonds with identical total carat weight. 

Most price tags on earrings are marked with overall carat weight, which may be deceptive. When trying to sell a diamond ring, it’s very vital to understand the lingo – or threat getting an uncooked deal. To begin, one ought to familiarize themselves with the acronyms that jewelers use. 

What Is Diamond Carat Weight?

Diamond carat weight or length is the most primary and acquainted issue of a diamond’s traits. Carat refers to the weight of the diamond in which 1 carat equals .2 grams. This is the first of the 4 c’s examined while grading and assessing the cost of a diamond. Diamond carat weight is represented in some of the approaches, inclusive of CT, CW, DW and CTW. 

What Is The Difference Between Carat Weight (CW) And Total Carat Weight (TCW)?

CWCarat weight, which means the burden of a man or woman stone in carats (1 carat is the equivalent of 0.2 grams). This is likewise now and again abbreviated as DW, or “diamond weight.” Carat weight is used to describe unmarried stones, so in case you see a list with “1CW”, you realize it’s possibly a single-stone ring with a 1-carat diamond. 

CTWTotal carat weight, which means the entire weight of all of the diamonds on the ring, in carats. It also can be abbreviated as TDW, which means “overall diamond weight.” This number is only a sum and says nothing about how many stones are on the ring, or their person sizes, so a ring categorized “1CTW” could be 4 stones of .25CW every or 10 of .10CW each. 

Diamond Size Isn’t Everything. 

Diamond Carat Weight

Color, readability, and cut are also elements that one must be acquainted with. While now not as right now apparent as sheer length, those qualities can extensively alternate the charge of a stone too. For example, if your price range for an unmarried-stone ring is $10,000, you may shop from a variety of diamond sizes between 0.50CW and 2.00CW or extra – but it’s in all likelihood that the most important diamond inside your price range could have inclusions, be imprecisely reduce, or barely off-color. At the give up of the day, even much less-than-perfect diamonds are a sight to behold, and only the purchaser can decide that is great for his or her desires. 

The Value Of The Center Stone 

As previously mentioned, every diamond must be graded for all of the qualities that provide it fee earlier than shopping for or selling a diamond jewelry piece. The first stone on a diamond ring has an important role in this process, both visually and financially. As the centerpiece of a hoop, it’s miles naturally the largest, and extra importance is located on its cut, shade, and different traits that determine charge. 

When buying, one wishes to apprehend this sensitive stability and know the unique grading phrases that seem on a reputable file from GIA or IGI. Most shoppers are blind to the nuances found in a diamond appraisal or grading, a reality that a disreputable jeweler might also take advantage of. 

Diamond Grading: A Crucial Step In Appraising A Diamond 

An appraisal isn’t whole without goal grading. If a jeweler supplying an appraisal does not nicely recognize a way to grade a diamond. They will now not be capable of providing you with an accurate appraisal that meets the realities of the marketplace. Without the right system, it’s miles nearly impossible to decide quality in readability, cut or color, particularly while a diamond remains hooked up. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA), the International Gemology Institute and Gemological Science International (GSI) are organizations that probably grade diamonds. Any diamond you buy or sell needs to be accompanied by way of a report from any one of these institutions. 

Being Smart About Selling Your Diamond 

When it comes time to sell your diamond, it’s far especially critical to have a grading report. This is to shield each you and the buyer to save you any foul play, and to give you as an informed dealer, perhaps resulting in a better offer. If you pick Worthy to promote your diamond, no longer only is the grading protected, however also the auction connecting your diamond with consumers international. Buyers that participate in Worthy auctions are experts who apprehend the minutiae that make each diamond particular. That’s precisely why we offer complimentary GIA or GSI gradings. Connect with Worthy nowadays to show the jewelry you no longer need into funds to your next excursion, domestic development assignment or anywhere life takes you. 

Olympic Athletes And Their Watche


Olympic Athletes And Their Watche

Certain luxury watch brands are renowned for his or her sponsorship of sports inclusive of golfing, tennis, yacht racing, and equestrian occasions like polo and display jumping. Famous athletes, along with a number of the brightest Olympic stars, experience sporting luxurious watches from manufacturers along with Omega, Rolex, and Hublot. Here, we take a better study four Olympic athletes and their watches. Some of those timepieces are unique edition models that honor the athletes who inspire and put on them. photo charms diy

Michael Phelps – Omega Seamaster 

Their Watches

United States swimmer Michael Phelps holds the distinction of being the maximum adorned Olympian so far, plus the best-ever record for gold medals. An Olympian, when you consider that qualifying for the 2000 Summer video games on the younger age of 15, he has set extra facts than another swimmer. It’s no marvel then that he has to turn out to be an emblem ambassador for Omega, the Rio 2016 Olympic Games official timekeeper. 

The Swiss luxurious watch manufacturer is well-known for its support of water sports, offering some of the technical gadgets such as touchpads, underwater lap counters. And other timekeeping devices that are used to measure athletic performance. As an Omega logo ambassador, Phelps is the business enterprise’s perfectly healthy. He has worn many Omega watches over the years and is frequently visible sporting an Omega Seamaster. 

James Magnussen – Maurice Lacroix 

Their Watches

Australian swimmer James Magnussen has a difference in maintaining the fifth-quickest swim in recorded records. He took two medals at London’s 2012 Summer Olympics. He simply received the bronze medal for the Men’s 4x100m freestyle relay in Rio’s 2016 games. Magnussen favors Maurice Lacroix wristwatches and is an emblem ambassador for the Swiss agency, and currently, favors the Pontos S. In an interview, Magnussen mentions the importance of time to his game, and with its many technical capabilities the Pontos S makes an ideal fit for this Olympic champion. 

Usain Bolt – Hublot 

Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt is referred to as the quickest individual ever timed, maintaining world statistics for each the 100 meters and 200-meter sprints, as well as the 4×100 meters relay. Off the track, “Lightning,” Bolt participates in some of the projects in Jamaica, with a focal point on toddler fitness, education, and development. Before he became Hublot’s professional logo ambassador, he raced in opposition to 10 infant athletes and all in top fun, allowed them to win! 

As a result, Hublot made a $one hundred,000 contribution to the Usain Bolt Foundation. Usain Bolt has been spotted carrying some of extraordinary Hublot models, inclusive of the signature Hublot King Power Usain Bolt Watch. This confined version timepiece functions a band made with the equal gold synthetic leather that Bolt’s international document maintaining footwear have been made from, along with the Olympian’s famous “lightning bolt” pose on the dial. 

Novak Djokovic – Seiko 

Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic grew up as a member of an own family of gifted skiers in a ski motel known as Kopaonik. Despite family ties and the availability of snowy slopes, he discovered himself interested in the tennis courts opposite a restaurant owned by way of his parents. A constant participant for a reason that age six, he took his first Grand Slam title in the 2008 Australian Open, then went directly to take bronze inside the Beijing video games. Djokovic has been prevailing championships ever because and is a Seiko brand ambassador. 

His watch of desire is one that was created in his honor, the Astron GPS Solar Novak Djokovic Limited Edition. This good-looking perpetual calendar watch can be set to forty different world time zones and connects routinely to the GPS community. It becomes produced in a limited run of 3,000 portions and comes with a Novak Djokovic signed casebook. 

Gold Wedding Bands

Trendy Wedding rings

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6 Unique Gold Wedding Bands For Men

Wedding rings are usually the first jewelry a person wears every day. So why not use a wedding ring to show off your personal style and personality?

Recently, many men have decided to deviate from the appearance of traditional wedding rings because they want a bit more rings than conventional wedding rings. There is nothing wrong with a more conventional appearance. For many years, classic gold wedding rings have been the standard for men’s wedding rings. However, for men today, there are more ring options; they have more complex and unique details.

If you want a slightly different ring, here are the six most unique male gold wedding rings we consider:

1. Ritani men’s flat satin-smooth wedding ring

Wedding Bands For MenThis unique gold ring is divided into different parts, bringing unique jazz to the original gold ring. The groove between each part adds texture to the tape. The outer edge of this ring is smooth and smooth, with a satin finish and a width of 8 mm. The bright, polished edges found along with the ring complement the satin finish. Overall, this is a more complicated and interesting design for golden wedding rings.

2. Diana 14K gold diagonal design wedding ring

Wedding Bands For MenThis gold wedding ring has a satin and polished finish, with a twist design and coin edge details. The diagonal design gives a ring more texture and makes it more popular and popular than traditional rings.

3. Furrer Jacot’s “Musclins” gold wedding ring

The extremely unique ring brought to you by Furrer Jacot is a good way to express your personal style and add two different colors to the ring. The carbon fiber black background makes the gold metal design really shine. If you are a more avant-garde person, this is a perfect choice.

4. Ritani Men’s Polished Coin Edge Wedding Ring

Wedding Bands For Men

Although this ring looks closest to the classic style, its complex coin edge design is unique. This handsome ring is decorated with bright polished finishes and striking coin-shaped tones. It is ideal for those who want to be different from ordinary rings but do not want their design to be too exaggerated. The design is very subtle enough to make it stand out, but not too much!

5. Furrer Jacot’s “Sculpture” Gold Wedding Ring

We like this pair of Furrer Jacot wedding rings, which are designed with chains. Whether you have diamonds or not, you can use this style, which is a delicate way to add personality to the ring. The chain design can really stand out as a wedding ring, but for all the right reasons.

6. Memoire Men’s 10mm Yellow Gold Wedding Ring

This 10 mm wide gold belt from Memoire has a flush finish and a round shape. This is a unique interpretation of the classic style, with only a simple diamond added in the middle. The ring itself is very striking due to its wide structure and curved shape. This ring will be amazing!

Trendy Wedding rings

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Trendy Wedding rings for Him

Personalization is the key. The trend of wedding rings has been developing significantly, and men’s wedding rings are no exception. From replacing metals to adding unique functions, a recent trend is to personalize the wedding ring to match his special style.

1.Wedding rings: Mixed Metals

Trendy Wedding ringsMixed metal wedding rings are not necessarily a novel concept, but for them, their popularity has risen sharply. We expect you will definitely see more in this year. This multi-metal band can be boldly expressed, or can be used as a substitute for the low-key and masculine classic platinum or gold band. Mixed metals can also be a perfect compromise. This is a smart way to resolve style conflicts between husband, and wife-the groom can combine his favorite metal with his partner. If you are looking for a unique two-tone rotation effect, rose gold and tantalum satin ribbons are your best choice.

2.Wedding rings: Rose Gold

Trendy Wedding ringsNot accidentally, when we see the popularity of female rose gold bands increase, the trend of men’s wedding rings also follows. Contrary to the traditional gold or platinum classic style, couples choose this season’s wedding band to be more romantic and softer. Because it has a variety of pink and blush tones, you can choose a rose color according to your preferences to make it easier to customize for specific tastes. The satin rose gold European comfort wedding ring perfectly blends romance and masculinity-you can’t go wrong!

3.Wedding rings: Textured Details

This is an interesting way to make the ring stand out, especially for men who, as time goes by, this man may not always be gentle with his band. Adding texture details to a wedding ring is also an interesting and novel method that can incorporate traditional natural materials into a single piece of jewelry that a person will always wear.

4.Wedding rings: Damascus Steel

Trendy Wedding ringsAnd last, but certainly not least, there is the stainless steel Damascus pattern. Made of the same steel as the Vikings and Samurai, this durable and long-lasting wedding ring style is bound to cause a sensation. The Damascus stainless steel strap will definitely stand out from the crowd. This lasting style is the ultimate way to make a statement, and it also demonstrates refined masculinity. Who can resist?

Buy Necklace Sets

Buy Necklace Sets of your Choice Online.

Therefore, today we will discuss women’s favorite accessories; these necklaces add WOW elements to women’s appearance. Traditions and customs play an important role in the selection of jewelry, especially in India, jewelry is worn to follow traditions. The necklace set can define your neckline and perfectly modify your silhouette. Click to see more Jewellery

List different types of necklaces, personality necklaces, collar necklaces, collar necklaces, and long necklaces, etc.

Let’s discuss all of them:

Statement necklaces: Get a statement look

Buy Necklace SetsPersonality necklace-huge sparkling, bright stone inlaid fashion chunky necklace, can completely define your appearance. These can change their appearance and take their clothing to the next level. These are broad categories.

Choker Necklaces: Get a princess look

Buy Necklace SetsThese necklaces are short and fit the neck. The necklace worn around the neck adds charm to the ladies and can be worn with traditional Western and Indian clothing.

Collar Necklaces: Get Smart Look

The way to wear these necklaces is to make people look smarter. Women can wear them on the round neck, boat collar, and strapless dress. Women will look elegant in their casual clothes.

Long Necklaces: Get a perfect look

Buy Necklace SetsThese necklaces are the ladies’ favorite necklaces when they wear different clothes. It can remind us of the 20s and give people a perfect feeling, because they can be worn in different ways through different necklines.

Therefore, choose the necklace you want online to get a perfect and eye-catching look when we try to remember your choices and choices based on your choices.


Customized necklace charms



Doing your best will undoubtedly bring miracles to your confidence. However, you always seem to worry that you will pair accessories and clothes in the wrong way? This is because, in fashion, we as women are fed by strict and fast rules. The style that used to be just a style and rarely worked overtime gradually became the mainstream and became a rule of thumb. However, if you think about it carefully, fashion has always been bold, unique, and experimental. Rules should be broken; myths should be avoided. These are the five fashion accessory myths that must be broken.

1. You can’t mix gold and silver jewelry

5 FASHION ACCESSORIZINGWe have things that keep things compatible. However, fashion is endless, and there is nowhere to say that all your jewelry must be silver or gold. Faced with this myth, combine gold and silver. If paired correctly, they can really make you stand out from the crowd.

2. You have to match your jewelry

5 FASHION ACCESSORIZINGIt is possible to wear matching accessories, but it may be a bit boring. You can mix and match and play around while accessorizing to bring out your quirky fun side. From socks to lipsticks, everyone everywhere chooses to quit boring similar games, and then why not try jewelry! You can wear a silver chain with your favorite beads, because you can!

3. Size (does not) matter

Hundreds of fashion magazines require you to wear clothes according to your figure, but these articles are not only not suitable for reading, but also bring you a sense of comfort. The same is true of accessories – they will tell you that if you are petite, you can’t wear thick jewelry, or if your face is small, you can’t pull on that draped jewelry. We say this is the age of revolution; we must get rid of all myths and tear it off the foundation!

4. Less is more no more

Less is more – we’ve been served this phrase so many times; it has really become a monastic rule for all the girls. But you know what, sometimes it’s okay to go over, to wear those big necklaces complementing your dress in that garden party or to wear chunky bracelets. IT IS OKAY TO GO MORE!

5. Traditional = traditional and modern=modern

5 FASHION ACCESSORIZINGHave you ever been really scared and skeptical about pairing those traditional pieces of drops with that LBD of yours? If yes, then sadly, you’ve been taken over by this myth that modern pieces can only go with modern and traditional with traditional. Just think how many heads you’ll turn when you wear jhumkis and your flowy maxi dress with that confidence and oomph Fusionizeit and reinvent your look girls!

So, these are five fashion accessory myths we need to battle away with, and the best way to do that is by wearing an armor of confidence. Which myth will you debunk today?

Customized necklace charms


Pandora lovers should know about types of personalized charms for Pandora

For ladies all over the globe, PANDORA Customized necklace charms have become a means for them to express their exclusive style, pay respect to close ones and honor unique memories as well as add a little extra style to whatever dress they’re wearing on the event.

From Personalized necklace charms, you can pick your desired one because you will find many designs and each one is unique. Below we have shown a variety of diverse Customized necklace charms to present you everything you should know regarding PANDORA charms if you are a Pandora lover.

Types of Personalized charms for Pandora

Personalized charms for Pandora

Moreover, personalized necklace charms are all skilfully crafted utilizing real jewels and stones to present women brilliant quality and thousands of gorgeous choice that fits well to your style and personalities. Diverse forms of personalized necklace charms contain Sterling Silver, Gold Pandora jewellery, heart shape jewellery, Silver and Gold, Pandora Rose gold, PANDORA essence. Of course, there are a lot of more types of PANDORA Customized necklace charms to pick from! Peruse all PANDORA Charms from the official site of Pandora.

Pandora Charms in shining Sterling Silver

Customized necklace charms shining sterling silver charms are possibly one of the mainly well-liked charms in our collected works on PANDORA. From simple to amazing and natural to elaborate, there are almost 200 charms in sterling silver to select from.

Pandora Charms in gold 

Personalized charms for Pandora

PANDORA gold charms are obtainable in 14K gold, simple and elegant designs Pandora gold comes in both. Designs may contain loved stones, pearls, cubic stones, and even pearls and diamonds.

Pandora customized Gold Charms and Silver charms

Personalized charms for Pandora Gold and silver PANDORA charms mark a charming mix of both gorgeous metals. These charms are two shaded and bring an exclusive shine to each ring, earrings, bracelet, and necklace.

Essence Charms in pandora

The ESSENCE COLLECTION in PANDORA is a collection of charms and jewellery that means to represent your inner values, whish, and needs in life. The jewelry is extra slim and the charms are extra fine and delicate. Like the Personalized charms for Pandora in our mark collection, ESSENCE jelewry is all hand-MADE from real jewels.

Murano Glass Charms in pandora

Murano Personalized charms for Pandora are hand-made from glass which is called Murano found in Italy. It adds an exclusive pop of shades and forms to your accessories. All the stones and shapes are in the glass, not created on the outside structure of Pandora charm jewels.

Disney Charms in pandora

One of the very well-liked designs of personalized necklace charms jewels are PANDORA Disney charms. There are almost 100 different Disney charms in PANDORA.

Pet Charms customized in pandora

Show your affection to animals with PANDORA pet jewels of lovely animals like cats, mice, horses, birds, dogs and more. These jewels are created in shiny silver, a lot of which mixed with colorful gems like gemstones.

Pandora Rose gold Charms

Customized necklace charms Rose gold jewelry is created from an original metal blend that consists of a feel of pinkish shade to your jewelry and accessories.



A little bit of preventative renovation on your rings can go an extended manner in lowering future restore expenses. Checking your rings for safety permits you to avoid diamonds or gemstones falling out, or save you the loss of a bracelet or necklace. 

Based on day by day wear, we endorse you take your earrings to an educated and skilled jeweler every six months for an inspection. At Fox Fine Jewelry, that is a free service! All upkeep at Fox Fine Jewelry is executed on-premises in our Ventura workshop. See under for some common kinds of repairs.


Jewelry Repairs: Replacing prongs and missing diamonds or gemstones

Jewelry RepairsLosing a diamond or gem is almost always avoidable, and that is the number one reason to have your earrings inspected. Prongs wear down and when they finally smash off, your diamond regularly falls out. Fox Fine Jewelry extends or replaces the prongs, after which replaces your diamond. If there is more than one diamond in a chunk, the brand new diamond may be of comparable excellence. We may even supply older reduce diamonds! For specific gemstones, it can be tough to replace a gemstone with a precise shape. Fox Fine Jewelry will do its very pleasant to shape the popular gemstones. However an actual healthy isn’t usually available. In some cases, we’ll update all of the gemstones so they suit. 

Jewelry Repairs: Repairing channels or bezels

Jewelry RepairsIf your earrings have bars or channels which can be worn. Subsequently, the facet of your diamond (the widest element, known as the girdle) may be uncovered, making your diamond susceptible to chipping.We will add metal along the entire length of the channel, building it up. Hence, it looks new and your diamonds or gemstones are steady for lots extra years of wear and tear. 

Jewelry Repairs: Repairing the side of an engagement ring

Jewelry RepairsEngagement jewelry is frequently now not soldered to the matching wedding band. This has some blessings, like being able to take them off one after the other (it’s easier). You also can wear your wedding ceremony band on my own, like if you’re visiting and do not sense comfortable sporting your engagement ring. But any blessings of not soldering your engagement ring to your wedding ceremony band are effortlessly outweighed with the aid of the damage that occurs through the years. They rub against each other, sporting down the sides of each jewelry

photo charms diy

dog paw charms